Image of the city of Vögeligärtli

Vögeligärtli - Lucerne

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

Where circus artists and people running stalls once entertained people, there is now what is without a doubt one of the most popular green spaces in the city of Lucerne: the Vögeligärtli. Its name – meaning the “bird garden” – comes from the aviary that was built in the park in 1901.

This picnic spot in the middle of the city was formerly also known as Sempacherplatz, Sempachergarten, Englischer Garten, Zentralplatz or Zentralmatte.

When the “Gasfabrik” gasworks from what was then Sempacherplatz was moved to another location in 1899, this cleared the way for the area to be used for a new purpose. Relaxation and leisure came to the fore here.

The Vögeligärtli was also the place where performers and people running stalls gathered and entertained people. The Pilatus Circus and Arena Bühlmann with its travelling artists visited this place. Little by little, however, individual areas of the large green space were built on. The Lukaskirche (Church of St. Luke) was built in 1935, and the Central Library around 1950.

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