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St. Peter's Church - Zurich

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

St. Peter's Church in Zurich is the only baroque church in the city. The clock on the tower is the largest in Europe and the dial has a diameter of 8.7 metres. There are also five bells in the tower dating back to 1880 with the largest weighing over 6,000 kg without clappers.

St. Peter's parish church is the oldest church in Zurich and dates to before the year 900. From the Middle Ages to 1911 the church tower was used as a fire lookout point. Rudolf Brun, the first mayor of Zurich, was buried in this church. The famous theologians Johann Caspar Lavater and Leo Jud both worked here. Of special note are the baptismal font of 1598 and the choir chairs with their armrests and rich carvings from the 15th century which originated in the suppressed convents of the city. Other attractions are the rich acanthus adornment with Bible verse over the pulpit, the crystal chandeliers modeled in the style of 1710 and the organ with 53 stops.

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