Image of the city of Polybahn – emblem of Zurich

Polybahn – emblem of Zurich - Zurich

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

In operation since way back in 1889, today Polybahn funicular rail transports around 50 passengers every two minutes, in both directions. And the route is the very same as that of when it first commenced.

Initially the service was powered by water-weights, like that of Berne and still today in Freiburg, although in Zurich the service was soon to be powered by electricity.

In1976, saved on the last bell thanks to the support of a Swiss bank, the historic Polybahn was subject to comprehensive revision back in 1996. Today it’s fitted with state-of-the-art technics - and the mountain station boasts the same original red colour of its original beginnings since 2001.
Altitude: 452m
From Zurich’s main train station on foot over the Limmat bridge to Central, funicular rail to the Polyterrasse ETH
View: Over the lake and city of Zurich and across to the Glärnisch, Tödi, Clariden, Albis chain and the Üetliberg
Attractions: The little railway is a great attraction - carrying over two million passengers each year!
Culinary aspects: No-end of special restaurants in the neighbouring Niederdorf area
Overnight stays: Zürich City (Hotel Limmathof, right by the Polybahn bottom station)
Winter: Travels year-round
Special comments: No Polybahn service on Sundays

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