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Photo Spot Fribourg - Fribourg / Freiburg

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

Fribourg – founded in 1157 by Berthold IV, Duke of Zähringen – is a city of bridges in every respect. The city was built on both sides of the river La Sarine/Saane and there are bridges in all styles and from all eras. Being a bilingual city, it also bridges the cultures of the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Fribourg is home to many contemporary witnesses and architectural jewels, such as the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, built in the 13th century, which dominates the centre of the historic Old City.

Route de Bourguillon
Pont du Gottéron
1700 Fribourg

Route de Bourguillon
Pont du Gottéron
1700 Fribourg
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