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Jet d'Eau - Geneva

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

In Geneva harbour, known as “La Rade”, this water jet up to 140 m/460 ft high is a real eye-catcher. When you're in the area, don't miss the chance to have your photo taken with the fountain in the background... or shoot a selfie and send it there and then!

As early as 1891, a decision was made to increase the height of the “Jet d'Eau” - originally constructed as a relief valve for the pipes supplying pressurised water to the jewellers' machinery – and illuminate it. Now a landmark of the city, it shoots 500 litres of lake water into the air every second at a speed of almost 200km/h. The airborne water in the permanent jet weighs more than five tons.

The Jet d'Eau is best viewed from the Bains des Pâquis, a popular swimming venue for the locals. In winter, they all meet here for a sauna before the obligatory fondue.

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