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International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum - Geneva

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

Emotion, discovery, reflection: the Museum offers you a unique opportunity to enter into the history of humanitarian action. An interactive chronology unfurls 150 years of humanitarian history, while current focus enables you to track Red Cross and Red Crescent operations right around the globe.

Three separate areas, each developed by a well-known exhibition architect, allow you to explore three major challenges in today’s world: Defending human dignity, Restoring family links, Reducing natural risks.

In a break with traditional museography, the exhibition is an adventure, initiating visitors into contemporary humanitarian action. It is an experience to be lived through first of all, then described during a second phase, so that visitors become actors within each theme. Strong messages embed themselves in their emotions. The exhibition is organised around three independently themed spaces designed by internationally renowned architects: Defending human dignity, Reconstructing the family link and Refusing fatality, which deals with prevention.

Within each zone, the visitor first of all enters a phase which aims at raising his awareness and during which he lives through an intense emotional experience. A second stage provides him with information and historical background, reminding him that the Red Cross is the oldest and largest humanitarian organisation in the world. In the «On the spot» area, a large interactive globe will show the latest news from the field.

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