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HeK - House of Electronic Arts - Basel

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

The HeK establishment could have wished for no better place to be – as the home of electronics is located on the Dreispitzareal, where the urban future is currently under construction. And that suits the innovative institution down to the ground, as it brings all visitors closer to forms of art that involve technology, the media and time to reflect.

What could an exhibition on world conflict zones, an electronic music festival and refined light installation possibly have in common? In own artistic manner, they all share the wish to reach others and disseminate latest facts with new technology and media. And it’s precisely this that HeK, the home of electronic art, aims at doing. The new museum and culture center introduces visitors to new forms of art in this the age of information - permitting time to ponder over social effects and view the vast potential in a comprehensive way thanks to exhibitions, workshops and guided tours.

HeK is housed in a former warehouse building on the Dreispitzareal, where the customs-free warehouse once stood. Today sees the same spot growing in the context of pioneering district. The building was cleverly adapted to meet today’s “here and now” standards by the Basel-based architects Rüdisühli and Christoph Ibach.

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