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Bundeshaus - Bern

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

The Swiss Parliament House is the seat of one of the world’s first modern democracies and is located in the capital, Bern. Although the Bundeshaus is Switzerland’s seat of government, it also offers a range of entertainment and event opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The Parliament was built in accordance with the plans of the Architect H. Auer. It was completed in 1902. In the central hall, under the cupola between the two assembly rooms, there are numerous symbolic depictions of Swiss history. After undergoing extensive renovations, the seat of Swiss government has been gleaming with new resplendence since May 2008. Guided tours are available.

Bern was chosen as the Federal Capital of Switzerland in 1848. However, the Bundeshaus, with its terrace and the Bundesplatz square, is much more than just the seat of the Swiss government. It is also a crowd-puller, photo opportunity and a meeting place for young and old. On the "1848 - Bern as capital city" tour, you will learn more about the 150-year history of the Federal Capital.

The Parliament House also opens its doors to regular guided tours of the premises. Outside the building there is also much to see: The terrace is an inviting place to sit as you enjoy the views of the Marzili public baths, the Aare, and the Gurten, Bern’s iconic local mountain. Of interest are the Bundesplatz square, the fountain in summer, and a light show and ice rink in winter. There is also a variety of events and the typical Bernese markets Zibelemärit (onion market) and Christmas markets, etc.).

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