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Bernisches Historisches Museum – Einstein Museum - Bern

Nicolas Meienberger
Nicolas MeienbergerPublié le 12 Août 2020

The "Bernisches Historisches Museum" (The Berne Historical Museum) is one of Switzerland's most important cultural and historical museums and hosts a general historical collection containing approximately 500,000 objects as well as the Einstein Museum.

In its permanent exhibition, the "Bernisches Historisches Museum" shows highlights from the fields of history, prehistory, early history and ethnography through a diverse, multi-media approach. The objects on display range from the Stone Age to the present, from cultures of all continents.

The integrated Einstein Museum presents a powerful presentation of the life and work of Albert Einstein and places it in the context of world history. Animated films and experiments illustrate the pioneering theories of this genius. An AudioGuide in nine languages as well as an induction headset and a VideoGuide for deaf and hearing-impaired persons makes the Einstein Museum accessible to a wide audience.

The temporary exhibition hall's 1,200m2 of space are used to present innovative, changing shows that deal with historical, archaeological or ethnographic subjects on a revolving basis.

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